Falling out of love…

Yesterday I looked down at my blue jeaned legs as I cycled to the station and I realised, suddenly, that I have fallen out of love with blue jeans. OMG! Since I was sixteen years old, blue jeans have been my go-to leg covering of choice. I went to Florida earlier this year and stocked up on some great pairs in the Gap. I probably still like my faded boyfriend pair (time will tell when it gets warm again) but the ones I had on today just looked..well..too blue and not black or grey enough. I have a couple of pairs of grey skinnies from Vero Moda and they go back on me as soon as they are washed.

I wonder if it is an age thing – are blue jeans a bit too me circa 2000? Or is it that Danish rainbow of monochromes striking again? Or are they simply a bit dated?  Whatever it is they are about to go into retirement to be replaced with grey or black pairs (and skinny ones at that!) I wonder if I will finally pass as a (slightly larger than average) Danish woman?

What do you think of blue vs grey jeans?

jeansH&M, Vila, Vero Moda

blue jeans

Vero Moda, Vila, H&M


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