Danish Design – Kobenstyle

If you have been following my flea market search lists you will know that very prominent on those lists are Kobenstyle cookware. We have been very lucky to have found either at flea markets here or on Etsy all the pieces we wanted in great condition but as well as sharing some pictures of these beautifully coloured pots I thought I would share a bit about their place in Danish design.


Like a lot of Danish design classics they were designed in the 1950s – in 1954 to be precise – by a Danish designer Jens Quistgård. The difference was they were actually designed for an American company, Dansk Design, for the American market, although they were also available in Denmark. Quistgård also designed for many other well known Danish design houses and is highly regarded for his work and also bringing Danish design to America.

The design followed the Danish design philosophy of good quality, well designed items available to every day people. The range of cooking pots were made from steel enamel in bright colours. They were lighter and more affordable than cast iron and were intended to look good enough to be brought to the table. Functional but attractive at the same time.

We have two casserole pots, a paella pan and two small sauce pans – one of which was bought at Frederiksberg Fleamarket from a lady who had originally bought it from a flea market in Brooklyn, NY. We use them all the time and love the look of them too.


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