Vintage Finds

The summer is the time for scouring flea markets and junk shops for that little unique thing to make your home a little different. Since moving to Østerbro I have been lucky enough to acquire a few vintage items that have been on my flea market list for a while.

I have been hoping to find some interesting scissors or silverwear and a quick trip to the Sunday flea market at  Østerfælled Torv yielded small cake tongs, sugar tongs (in the shape of bird claws – how could I not?) and grape scissors with cute little grape details. I have been desperate to get hold of some herb scissors too. I confess these are not an actual vintage purchase but from Pandura Hobby but they certainly have that vintage look.


The other thing I have been looking for was a colourful typewriter and I was delighted when my friend found one in her basement and, knowing my desire, gave it to me (plus a book on vintage interiors). It needs a little TLC but that kind of thing is right up my husband’s street! Finally I wanted a little wooden stool with personality for our hallway and I spied one outside a junkshop on Jagtvej yesterday and it has already been primed ready for a new look.

vintage finds

I love some vintage things in my home to counterbalance the ubiquitous Ikea and modern Danish design in my home. How about you?


  1. Oh, I am so going to all the flea markets when I come home. We’ll be home for three weeks arriving next week. If you are around I would love to grab a cup of coffee!

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