Chasing the Sunset

I love to get on my bike and chase the sunset, taking photos as the summer sun sets late into the evening. These chases are normally spontaneous and I return exhilarated and pleasantly tired. Last weekend I had to collect my bike from Frederiksberg on Saturday evening and I decided to enjoy the balmy evening and take the scenic route back home in Østerbro. I started my sunset chase at the Lakes in Nørrebro with the sun reflecting on the windows of the majestic buildings, then to Nordhavn and its gritty building sites and ended it at sundown in a beautiful location close to my new home, Svanemøllen Gasworks.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

IMG_7075 IMG_7080 IMG_7083 IMG_7084

nordhavnIMG_7086 IMG_7093 IMG_7094

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