Let’s go on holiday…

Many people take July off work in Copenhagen and head out of the city for a well earned break in the sun – either at home or away. Tourists descend on the city and everywhere seems either super busy or super quiet, depending on how touristy your area is.

IMG_7039One thing that surprised me the first summer here was how many individual shops, restaurants and cafes (mainly but not exclusively) outside the city centre will pop up a sign saying “Sommerferie (summer holidays) see you in August”. They will simply close, giving their staff the summer off. I can understand that this time can be quiet with people out of town but it must surely lose them money? I was astounded that Lele’s main restaurant on Vesterbrogade has closed for July. But the Danes have a strong idea of a true balance of work and life and this has to be the most tangible example of this. Why should people who run and work in the retail sector miss out on arguably the best month of the year for sunshine and relaxation? They shouldn’t!

I hope this tradition of making the most of the summer stays around for many years to come! There is plenty of time to shop and eat out when the days draw in.


  1. How interesting! And like you say to close at the height of tourist holidays seems peculiar to people only focused on money. But this must be another example of Danish work life balance.

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