How to dress as you age

Yesterday was my birthday so I thought I’d share an old picture of me.  I am now into my final year of my thirties and I am wondering how I got here so fast. Forty has always seemed to be so old when I was young and such a distant age. Forty isn’t what I used to be and I, quite frankly, don’t feel I am nearly in my forties.

old photo 01

Age means a lot less nowadays, there are people a lot younger than me who seem older than I am and equally women who are older who seem younger. Clothes used to be the way to see what decade a woman is in. I am not sure if they are still popular but there were always those fashion stories of ‘how to wear (insert weird fashion like gold jeans) in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s etc’. The forty something woman always looked too old for her age and the sixty something too young. I see many of my peers in the UK who dress in what I would class as ‘grown up’ clothes – they look smart but that look is not for me. I realise that there are some things to avoid but for me are mainly based on my figure not age but the list is quite short. Here we have a magazine aimed at 40+ women, Liv, and it has great fashion, beauty and inspirational articles. Many famous and stylish women are now in their forties but they still look amazing (and many without obvious help).

It is painful to see women trying to dress like they think a teenage would (but actually wouldn’t). But I rarely see that here. Women here in Copenhagen seem to dress in very much the same way from, probably, their thirties until their seventies with a gradually maturing of style (at which point many seem to save money on clothes by wearing their husband’s old ones). 

One thing I love to see is an older lady wearing something simply because she likes it. Recently I was cycling home in the afternoon and I passed an incredible stylish sixty something lady. Classic haircut, linen trousers and a casually smart blazer but what caught my eye was the white and pale pink sparkly top she had on. It was subtle sparkles but it made me smile. I can imagine her spotting the top in the window of a shop such as Noa Noa, thinking ‘that’s cute’, going in, buying it and putting it on with a smile. I like to think she didn’t for one moment think ‘am I too old for this?’ but just ‘I like it!’ Of course this is all in my imagination but I hope its true as I believe this is how we should approach how to dress as we age.



  1. You look adorable in this photo and Happy Birthday!!! I think the main thing is to wear what you love because most of us tend to love what is age appropriate anyways. 🙂 xx

    • Thank you. I really still love hippy style clothes and have a few in my wardrobe. I have worn this kind of thing since I was 16 but I hope it is ageing with me! But I think you are right, if you love it and feel comfortable wearing it then it is probably right for you.

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