1001 Hats at the Round Tower

It was quite by chance that we went to the 1001 Hats exhibition in the Round Tower yesterday. As it was a public holiday sadly our planned activity in the city centre was not taking place so on a whim we decided to go to the top of the Round Tower to enjoy the cloudy views. On the way up we saw this glamourous display of hats in the exhibition room.CIMG6642


The show has been put on by the The Association of Danish Hat Designers and Miliners to showcase this small field of craftsmanship. I loved looking at all the fabulous hats and wished I lived more of a glamourous existence where the perfect hat would be de rigueur.1001hat

There is a small curtained area full of hats for you to try on and admire in mirrors. They are encouraging people to instagram their hat modelling with the tag #1001hat so that is well worth looking at.1001hat2There were lovely little side areas with themed hats and historical information but I loved the hats they had on display from films including at hat from the film Titanic. It is an unusual but inspired exhibition and I am delighted that we chanced upon it.

The exhibition runs until 15 June and more information can be found here


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