Copenhagen street style – bum bags

Hot on the heels of the smart tracksuit fashion here in Copenhagen comes bum bags as shoulder bags. I started to see these popping up on stylish women around town a few weeks ago and I must admit that at first I scoffed a little. But brainwashing happens quickly! At Finderskeepers at the weekend the place was packed full of genuine trendy, creative people (rather than hipster wannabes) and there were bumbags being toted as over the shoulder bags all over the place. The scales fell from my eyes and I really wanted one, like now!


Stylish blogger and designer Sofie at this weekend’s Finderskeepers (photo snagged from the Finderskeepers’ Instagram feed).bumbag collageLinks to bags 1, 2, 3 (clockwise from large picture).

I am now the owner of one which I am getting used to, I am not so accustomed to being ‘fashionable’ and secretly wonder if I am a little too uncool (and old) for one. I didn’t splash out too much on one in case it was a short-lived love for me but so far we are getting on just fine, I may even upgrade soon.

What do you think about this new fashion? Is it just for the Danes?

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