Nordisk Brødhus

I have seen a number of photos on Instagram of the Nordisk Brødhus just in Nørrebro, closed to the edge of Frederiksberg. I have had it on my to-visit list for a while and yesterday I finally made it. They have a short brunch menu chalked up on a board and I plumped for the large one, which for 100kr you get a coffee, pressed apple juice, two types of bread, a weinerbrød, boiled egg, cheese, ham and jam. It was huge and absolutely delicious. CIMG6391 All the breads and pastries are made and baked on the premises in the wood fired oven. The pastries were light and crispy and the bread had a lovely toasted flavour to it.CIMG6395The interior was very shabby chic in a stylish Danish way and I loved the atmosphere. As the weather was so glorious I opted to sit outside to catch some sun rays. Not the fastest service in town but worth the wait and judging by the amount of people coming through the doors a very popular spot.CIMG6396 nordisk brødhus insideIt is located very close to the Green cycle route on  Rantzausgade and will definitely be one of my places to get a coffee or brunch when the mood takes me. Looking at their website, they also do a daily evening special, with a new menu each week. Other little extras include the chance to buy farm fresh eggs from the shop as well as milk, butter and cheese. More details on their website.CIMG6389Although I ordered the brunch plate for one they accidentally gave me a double portion of breads so don’t be scared if you are dining alone (or be very pleased if you are planning to share).

I loved the atmosphere and also the real community feel of the place. I will be back, for sure.



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