Danish S/S fashion surprises

For a pretty conservative, although stylishly, dressed country, there is always something emerging on the fashion scene here that breaks from that conservative norm. A few years ago it was patterned harem pants, which still have legs (literally) here in the Spring and Summer but this spring it seems to be patterned leggings and stylish tracksuit bottoms. Whilst you rarely see a Copenhagen woman in tracksuit bottoms unless she is actually exercising at that exact time, the fashionable shops along Gammel Kongevej and in the city are full of patterned and even sparkly tracksuit bottoms, paired with a stylish top and the ubiquitous scarf. I am unsure I could pull even the sparkliest of tracksuit bottoms off but many women seem to be managing it (although not all it has to be said.)


Clockwise from top left: Photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4

Leggings, on the other hand, are a staple for the stylish wardrobe here but they too have been given a bit of a crazy twist this Spring. For the under twenties it seems that anything goes from big banana prints to large flowers. For the rest of us it is more tame florals, animal prints and of course a lot of black and white patterns, including these cute Eiffel Towers above. I have inherited a slightly bottom heavy figure from my combined British and Polish genes so I think I shall just dream about these patterned leggings and admire them on the Danes instead.

I love that Danish fashion can always surprise you, don’t you?

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