The Danes and scarves

So what is it with Danish women and scarves? I recall on my first visit to Copenhagen back in 2007 seeing women wearing the most beautiful scarves in a really cool way. Back in England scarves are for keeping warm or as a fashion statement for older ladies. Suddenly I realized they are more than that but I still assumed it was a winter thing.

Once we moved here in the Spring the following year, I saw that scarves are an every season thing for Danish women. It may be warm enough to be wearing a vest top but there is still place for a colourful, soft scarf. In a world of monochrome fashion, scarves give that splash of colour and individuality to an outfit.

Magasin even has a scarf department with prices ranging from 200kr to over 1000kr. It is a beauty to behold.


I have asked my Danish friends about this love of scarves but they look strangely at me as they hadn’t really thought about it before, it is just what they do. I have, over time, happily embraced this fashion trend but I am not convinced I get it quite right – yet.

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