New Design

You may well have noticed a change around here today. I have been thinking a lot about how Dejlige Days has been growing and developing over the last six months since I have had more time to devote to it and I felt the design needed to be updated to reflect that. I wanted the photos to speak more for themselves on the posts and the new design helps them shout a bit more but still having a clean and definite look to it.

new blog design

I struggled a little bit about having the design reflect me and my life in Copenhagen or Copenhagen as a city. I was all for using bolder colours that we see around the city every day – yellow, orange, green and blue but it felt just too bold and not ‘me’. It was like the writing and the photos were being overshadowed by too much colour so I decided to go for a colour scheme that I love in my home and wardrobe instead and let Copenhagen show its colours through the photos in the posts.

I hope you like it…I feel happy looking at it…let me know if you do too.


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