Easter Shops

Easter is a big celebration here in Denmark with work places closed for the longest time in the year, even Christmas. Next week will be my big Easter week here on the blog but I thought I give you a little taster today of what is in the shops at the moment.

A big tradition is the Royal Copenhagen Easter egg. Each year there are new designs and they are always really beautiful. There are a number of designs in the small hanging eggs and also the larger table top ones. Just like at Christmas, the Royal Copenhagen flagship store on Amgertorv features exquisite seasonal table settings at the front of the store (see below).royal cphClose to Royal Copenhagen is Illums Bolighus and I love their giant nests in the window full of eggs and wooden birds. For something whimsical, the Easter Hoptimists are perfect (bottom right).misc easterThe little shops are also full of individual Easter decorations like the ones by Helle Gram below. For Helle’s and other individual ceramicists work Unika K is a great website.helle easter

easter supermarketEven the supermarkets sell very tasteful (and sometimes not so tasteful) decorations (see above) and paper napkins to make your Easter table bright and inviting. Of course candles are a big part of it! Florists are packed with little and big daffodils or påskelilie (Easter Lilies), tulips and blossom and leaf branches. Many also sell blown eggs to add to your decorations. If you are looking to decorate your home and you don’t want to spend a lot then florists, supermarkets, Tiger, Søstene Grene and Panduro are the places to go for less expensive items to individualise and things to make yourself.

This week I will be making my Easter decorations and preparing an Easter hunt for my son, all of which I shall share next week.



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