Delicious Gluten Free Food

In some cities finding decent gluten free cakes and bread can seem impossible. Copenhagen seems to be a little ahead of the game with reasonable ranges of everyday foods available in most supermarkets and a number of bakeries and cafes specialising in gluten free food (see list at the end of this post).

The most impressive selection of gluten free cakes can be found at one of the two Andersens bakeries in the city. Most of the cakes they produce as gluten free are Danish specialities (it needs to be noted that whilst the cakes are gluten free they are not produced in a totally gluten free environment).CIMG4140

So here is the run down:

1 Sarah Bernhardt, named after the French actress this is a chocolate mousse covered with more dark chocolate and comes in two sizes in Andersens.

2 Kransekage, marzipan pastries with a variety of flavours including raspberry and liquorice.

3 French macarons (need I say more?)

4 Mandelhorn, crispy almond trumpet filled with chocolate mousse.

5 Finally saving the best to last – a Gateau Marcel. A chocolate base made with almond flour, filled with chocolate mousse and topped with white chocolate shavings.


CIMG4141 gluten friThey also produce a delicious gluten free dark bread (and in rolls). I love the cakes from here and so do those seeking gluten free cakes (see Jenni’s thoughts here).

Other cafes and bakeries offering gluten free food include Lagekagehuset (which has recently introduced a gluten free dark bread), Grød (which offers a gluten free porridge which is also lactose free), Raw and Rustic cafe, Vitaboost (in Torvehallerne) and Chez Laurent creperie to name a few. For the famous Danish hot dog experience, Den Økologiske Pølsemand, by the Round Tower has gluten free sausages but not the breads but they give you root vegetable mash instead. Also Palæo in Torvehallerne, Frederiksberg Centre, Pilestræde and other locations.

There is also a great app called Gluten Free finder, which is worth downloading before you come to Copenhagen if you need to find more gluten free options.


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