How Denmark skewed my idea of good weather

Twice yesterday I observed what a lovely day it was to be met with amazement. The first time was on the way to the metro early in the morning taking my mum to the airport. It was foggy and a bit chilly but I could feel the warmth in the air and the fact that the sun would fight its way through the fog later. My mum, living in France, was slightly surprised by my assessment. A few hours later I met a British friend who is just finishing her first year here. I said , what a lovely day (fog had cleared and there was a bit a blue sky peeping through) and she again looked at me like I was crazy.springBut it was true. We have not had a fiercely cold or snowy winter here this year (except for a couple of weeks of minus temperatures), despite my predictionsIn fact last year we still had snow in March and a frozen sea (pictures below). I have photos of my son on an Easter Egg hunt in the deep snow.

march 2013

I recall much colder and snowier winters (but with blue skies) in previous years, but this year had been a little more miserable with rain and lack of sunlight. But I can feel the warmth in the air now, more sunlight fighting through and the first spring flowers are already in bloom. The weather predicts that Spring is most certainly in the air even if there are doubters out there! 

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