Only in Denmark?

I have just cycled back from collecting a Vietnamese take away and as I cycled down the quiet streets of Frederiksberg I was able to gaze into every window I past and saw people enjoying their evenings. Across the street from my apartment I regularly see the mother and father dancing with their little baby and whilst I was washing up tonight I was able to gaze down into my neighbours’ art studio where they were hosting a dinner party. Every thing was very hyggeligt and warming but not very private.


I realised a while ago that whilst most Danish apartments have blinds at their windows (usually white), I rarely see a window in the evening with the blinds pulled down.We are no exception, we only pull down our blinds in our bedroom when we go to sleep- Every day life plays out for all to see and it clearly doesn’t bother anyone. This is a far cry from life in England that I remember with curtains pulled at night and often net curtains during the day to protect people’s privacy.

I wonder if Danes are less bothered about their privacy or simply not as nosey as other nationalities?


  1. Personally speaking it’s both: I can only compare to Italians since I live in Italy but I can assure you Danes are less nosey when it comes to other people’s private life compared to where I live. However I believe that it’s mostly the first thing: We simply don’t care about other people being able to look at us. (Maybe because no one does it although they have the possibility).

  2. Im not sure why, but curtains (blinds) are only used for keeping the sunlight out (and you know how much of that we get in DK😊) and at night when sleeping. I never peek in at others and the tought havent really accured to me, i didn’t think that others would do it😄

  3. This is so funny! I remember looking at our first house to rent and there were no curtains, nor blinds. I asked the landlord what about the neighbours, not that we were that overlooked, but still. I mean what if I wander around in my undies or worse naked. His reply was, this is Denmark, people don’t care! I am so used to it now, that I only pull our blinds to sleep at night and I love all the light. I doubt I will ever have curtains again, other than do adorn a window. 😉

  4. Is it the same for houses? I can imagine it’s easier to leave your blinds/curtains open in an apartment as you are not on street level, so less people looking in.

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