Exploring Nørrebro

Nørrebro is an area of Copenhagen that if I am honest I normally pass through on my way to somewhere else or I go to a very specific place. You can see it is very different from the neighbouring areas of Frederiksberg and Østerbro. The biggest difference for me is the amount of graffiti. Graffiti in Nørrebro

I took the morning last week when the sun was struggling to show its face to have a cycle around Nørrebro to get more of a feeling for the area. The highlight for me was Jægersborggade (even though it is undergoing massive street reconstruction at the moment) and Grød. This street has been likened to Berlin. The only real parallels I see are the cobbles on the road and the graffiti. I witnessed a quick drug deal on the corner and in a very Danish way the dealer was on a pedal bike! I loved all the little individual shops along this street and when I was here in the summer, there was a great atmosphere. (photo top left below).nørrebro 4Right across Jagtvej from Jægersbrogade is Assistens Cemetery where HC Andersen is buried and there is a board showing many other famous Danes’ graves here. I love the avenue of tall trees running from the entrance and the bright yellow walls running around its parameter. (Top right photo above)

Finally I completed my little tour by cycling down Norrebrogade (bottom left photo above) to Dronnings Louise Bro (Queen Louise Bridge), one of the busiest cycle routes in the whole city. I took a quick detour down Elmegade and Blagårdsgade – two interesting, quirky shopping streets.

There is a great mix of shops along Nørrebrogade from little coffee bars and ethnic grocers and vintage clothes shops. The other streets mentioned also have lots of interesting little places to explore. I would definitely spend more time exploring this area in the future.

I would love to hear any Nørrebro recommendations from you.


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