What’s in my bag…

I like to pretend that I am a grown up. Do you know that feeling? But there are times when the reality that I am really a child trapped in an adult body can not be denied. It some times surfaces when I am with women who make me feel like a child in the face of their more sophisticated style or demeanour. Or perhaps a hippo as well if they are really skinny – but I digress. Recently there has been a flurry of ‘What’s in my bag?’ posts in the blogosphere (see here for one such post). Now I am not silly, I do realise these are very carefully styled and probably (at least I hope) are not a true representation of their real handbags. I thought to myself  about all manner of junk in my bag and the child-hippo felt a little inferior but then the grown up won through so here is a real What’s in my bag for you!

On the outside it looks like a grown up lady’s bag….


But inside maybe not so much. I honestly just emptied my bag onto the table (minus the fluff at the bottom) and here it is. Most things are obvious and normal but there are all manner of little bits and bobs my son and I have collected over the last few weeks from post stickers and a little flag from a burger or fliers and leaflets from places we have been. I totally forgot I had bought these cute stickers from Søstrene Grene so that was a nice surprise – less so was one of my son’s dirty socks!CIMG5584Maybe not that horrifying (except the sock!) Is there anything surprising in your bag?


  1. Too funny. You’d probably find 3-4 pairs of tangled-up headphones and a good handful of crumpled receipts in my bag at any given time…

  2. I carry quite a small bag which fits my wallet, phone, coffee reward cards, a reusable bag for shopping and some hand gel. The inside zip is full of smaller bits and pieces. What’s the silver thing in your bag?

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