Tivoli at Christmas – day and night

Tivoli at Christmas is one of our family traditions. Before we had my son we would wander around looking at the lights, drinking gløgg, when he was one he walked in snow for the first time there and last year he had his first visit to Father Christmas. This year he and I had a fabulous five hour visit to enjoy everything the gardens have to offer before Christmas and we will no doubt be back for another visit after Christmas.CIMG5078

One of the plus points of it getting dark at about 3.30pm in December is that you get plenty of time to enjoy the lights. Every season Tivoli pull out all the stops and Christmas is no different. The little Christmas market at the front of the park sells lots of wonderful gifts, the lights on Nimb and this year’s illuminated peacock centrepiece are breathtaking and the Russian section is bright and beautiful (although I still don’t quite understand why Tivoli chose to do this). tivoli xmas 1

Last Christmas we had a lot of snow in December, making Tivoli even more beautiful but there is a gentle sprinkling of fake snow on all the displays – enough to make it seem wintery but not enough to be too fake.tivoli xmas 2

I love Tivoli and my Christmas really feels like it begins here.

Tivoli is open until the 31st December so there is plenty of time to enjoy it this Christmas.


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