Nyhavn at Christmas

The Christmas market in Nyhavn is one of my first memories of Copenhagen, even before I moved here. I met up with my husband on a business trip for my first visit to the city (after I had agreed to move here) and we went to Nyhavn for cake and coffee and to visit the market. I remember it being bigger then but it is still lovely to wander down to look at the stalls and stop in one of the cafes for gløgg and æbleskiver.Nyhavn at Christmas

It was a bit gloomy yesterday but the colours of the buildings make up for the grey skies.nyhavn christmas market

About half way down there is a double stall selling thick wooly gloves and hats (plus jumpers and sheepskin throws). I love the gloves and mittens from here and they are the real deal for keeping out the cold. Not cheap but worth it.hotel d'AngleterreOn the way back across Kongens Nytorv (very different from that first visit of mine due to the metro construction and missing sparkly lights and ice skating) is the newly renovated Hotel d’Angleterre, still the most expensive hotel in the city. Their fairy tale themed Christmas display is breathtaking and even better after dark – unless you are scared of giant nutcrackers!

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