On Expat Friendship

I have just said good bye to one of my closest friends here in Copenhagen as she moves back to the UK to live. I will miss her a lot. It is the nature of being an expat and making friends with other expats that the day comes when you need to say good bye. Sometimes it is because you are moving on but for me it is usually as they are. You know when you make friends with non Danes that the likelihood that they will not be in the same city as you forever is high. Part of me thinks that I shouldn’t get close to people but that is not in my nature, if I really like someone. But is doesn’t make that good bye any easier.


But the modern world means that whilst we have physically parted with friends we can still keep in touch via Facebook, skype and email. After time the contact is not as intense but that is OK as we still have our memories of friendship and it doesn’t stop you sharing joy when you see they are expecting a longed for child, a happy birthday photo or just some little moment on line. For many people social media can be a drain but for me it is a wonderful way to keep in touch with those I miss, until I see them again.

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