Random acts of kindness

lakes in autumnWe hear a lot from a certain sections of expats here that the Danes are rude, unhelpful etc and as I have written about before I rarely encounter open rudeness here, sometimes thoughtlessness but rarely active unpleasantness.

This last week I have experienced a number of random acts of kindness from a Danish strangers. A few weeks ago I wore a jumper I bought from an independent store in Frederiksberg back in the Spring. I had only worn it once before and the sleeves started to come apart. It wasn’t cheap so I wanted to do something about it but I didn’t have a receipt so I was unhopeful that the shop would be able to help. I popped in, showed them the jumper and explained the situation. I expected some sympathy but to leave with the still damaged jumper. I was surprised that the lady in the shop took the jumper and sent it to a seamstress for mending – free of charge.

The next day was my son’s fourth birthday. He asked to have his lunch in Sticks and Sushi, where we often have lunch. He told the waitresses it was his birthday and they surprised him with a huge plate of (free) ice cream, with a homemade Danish flag and lovely rendition of Happy Birthday. I felt quite tearful as it made him so happy.

The final act of kindness came from Dorthe, the lady in the shop at the Frilands Musuem. My son, who loves museums, was telling her how much he enjoys them and how his dream is to visit ten museums in one day. Once we had been around the museum we returned to the shop. Dorthe called us over and gave my son a little scrap book she had put together for him with the museum stamp so he can start a scrapbook about the museums he visits. I think it was one for best things he has ever been given – and from a perfect stranger.


  1. That’s lovely! As you know, Berliners can be considered rude too, but I have had a number of experiences with amazingly helpful Berliners, so there are also exceptions thankfully! Ps. one of my tattoos stands for ‘Acts of random kindness’

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