Now for something controversial…..

I may be accused of being in a minority of expats living here and maybe looking too positively on life here but…

All blue skies?
There is one major thing that has struck me on my return to Copenhagen and that is how friendly and helpful the Danes are. Yep, you read that right. Of course I have been on the receiving end of a dropped shop door and recently a very well dressed older lady felt her Agnes Cupcakes were much more deserving of a seat on a busy bus than my son. 

Now my disclaimer is that I usually have a very cute three year old boy in tow.  People in local shops from Joe and the Juice to the bakeries are kind and friendly to my son and I, and always interested in why we live here and how I can speak Danish. Whenever I say we love living in Copenhagen the response is usually a simple Thank you as if every Dane is responsible personally for this.

Our neighbours have been quick to introduce themselves and again show an interest in why we have chosen to live in Denmark and to offer help and advice if we need it. Our elderly upstairs neighbour even came down and fixed our radiators as it was freezing in the apartment when we first moved in. 

Strangers in shops and on the street often pass a kind remark to my son and a ruffle of his curly mop. We are always ready with a smile.

The biggest area where I have noticed the helpfulness and friendliness is in the bureaucratic system. Coming from a city where the shortest waiting time in any official offices is three hours and then you are faced with a general lack of helpfulness from officials, I was delighted to be in and out of the Kommune to get our CPR numbers in fifteen minutes. I was unfortunate enough to need emergency hospital treatment in our first weeks back and there was an issue with my German healthcard but nevertheless it was resolved easily and pleasantly by the hospital administration. The hospital stay was also a delight with amazing food and high speed internet.

I may be wearing rose tinted glasses and the comparison between our experience in Germany may well be making me notice the open and friendly nature of the Danes more but for me our return to Copenhagen has been a delight – and long may it last!


  1. Wow! This was such a happy, positive expat post! It's so wonderful when we go through these good times, and can see our lives through rose tinted glasses 🙂

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