Blogs that rock 1.2

Back in March I wrote a Blogs that Rock post as part of a blogging course I was doing and it was a great way to spread a bit of love to fellow bloggers and also to introduce people to some new blogs they may not have discovered…this has often how I have come across new, exciting blogs.
So here is my second Blogs that Rock post and in the style of the previous one I shall tell you briefly why I love these blogs and leave you to decide if you like them too.
First is Jillian in Italy. I am delighted to have met Jillian a few times and I love her positive energy. Her blog centres around her life in Northern Italy with her beautiful family. She writes about their life, crafting, the most delicious and simple recipes and amazing photographs of her travels and life. If you want to smile and feel happy – visit her blog now!
The second is The House that Lars Built. Brittany is another blogger who makes you feel happy. She is an amazing creator of giant paper flowers amongst many other fantastic projects. She is always coming up with new and exciting features, DIYs and again the photography is wonderful. My son was inspired by one of her features to create his own interpretation and he asked me to mail it to her. Her lovely reply simply made his day
Another blogging friend of mine was An American in Weisbaden and has now launched a new and even more amazing blog, Sole Satisfaction. I love her take on life in Europe as an expat and I am looking forward seeing more of what her new blog has to offer.
Another wonderful glimpse into life in a European capital comes from Paris in Four Months – a carefree look at life in Paris and more amazing photographs (you can see what I love most about blogs!)
For a bit of DIY and design inspiration look no further than Mina Moka. Great accessible DIYs and a really positive take on life. Her tagline for the blog is make, find and share ..and indeed she does.
Garance Doré is a big player in the fashion blog world but I make no apologies for including her here. This is blogging at its best in my eyes.
Finally two fellow Copenhagen bloggers. I Love Gifting is a fantastic blog showing great interesting ideas for gifts and gift giving. Quite unique and definitely worth checking out for that perfect gift idea.
 Danish Exchange is a light hearted and beautiful blog about living in Denmark from another expat – a blog that always puts a smile on my face.
I hope you find time to check these blogs out and that you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Thank you so much for including me on your list, I feel very honoured! Some of the blogs you mentioned were already among my favourites, too, the others I still have to explore! Thank you again! Lena from Mina Moka

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