I ‘Liebe’ Ceramic Birds and Door Plaques

 As regular readers of this blog will know, I am a great fan of Danish design and interiors. I had long lusted after the ceramic wall birds from Liebe and I was delighted to receive my very own set for Mothers’ Day this year.
My husband ordered them from the Liebe website but I was keen to see the actual shop located on Kompagnistræde, a parallel street to Strøget. After a trip to the Lego store I checked my phone maps and found that it was very close so it was the perfect time to visit.
And what a beautiful place! The collection of items in the shop is simply wonderful but what makes it really special is how it is styled by colour. Just inspiring.

Something that caught my eye was the ceramic name plates for front doors. In Copenhagen, whilst most apartment buildings have letter boxes downstairs now, it is traditional to have a name plate on your door. These vary in fanciness and price and are usually purchased from key cutting shops. But how special are the ones above? I am definitely planning a purchase of one of these when we finally buy our own place here in the not so distant future.

My favourites include the birds (of course), ear rings, little cups and the totally adorable little hand knit cardigans.
As always I urge you to visit this store and enjoy all it has to offer but is you can’t visit their website instead for that something special for your home.
Susan Liebe, the ceramicist behind all this beauty, also runs workshops in her studio. Click here to read more (in Danish) about this.

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