French Style 101

I have been reading a number of books recently about French or Parisian chic and I was on the look out for real women looking stereotypically stylish whilst I was on a whistle stop visit to Paris. My first spot was on the TGV to Paris from Angouleme and I made a quick note of the outfit in question – faded jeans, cute patterned Tshirt, soft grey cardigan and little colourful pumps with the obligatory gamine crop – I wish I could have snapped a quick photo. As it turned out there was no need. I had a quick look around the shopping centre at Montparnasse and came away with the perfect starter Parisian chic wardrobe (see below plus a grey cardigan) – less is more, non?
On the way out of the shops I saw a beautiful woman with a little poodle – so perfectly Paris.
If you like these outfits from Etam you can buy directly from their website and have it delivered here in Denmark.

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