Things I love about Summer in Copenhagen

Summer merges almost seamlessly from Spring here in Copenhagen and it feels as if the long winter months were just a dream. Whilst the Danes are still out and about in the winter (unlike Berliners who seem to disappear), the summer brings a new atmosphere to the city. Here are some of the things I love about the summer here.

There is almost a seaside feel the city even away from the harbour areas. People are dressed to enjoy the weather showing off sunbed tans and then real tans as the summer progresses. Girls cycling in very short skirts yet still (in the main) keeping their modesty.

The shops are full of delicious Danish strawberries, punnets of fresh peas to snack on (something unique to here I think) and massive ripe watermelons. Cold beers and wines soon sell out of fridges on hot summer weekends as it feels as if the whole city heads to parks and beaches to soak up the summer sun.

People are sitting outside cafes and restaurants enjoying the sun long into the evenings. The city has a feel of safety at night as there are still so many people around and it is still day light until almost 11pm in June (bottom two pictures taken around 9pm and 10pm in June).

We have amazing beaches to enjoy close to the city and further up the coast and the sky is so blue and the little white clouds feel so near.

Of course this is all when the sun shines, usually in May and June but there is still the rain, I still remember a flooded summer house at the beginning of June in Tisvilde. But the Danes still hit this with style – Hunter wellies and other colourful foot wear and bright rain coats. After all there is no such things as bad weather, just bad clothes.

I think living in Scandinavia makes you enjoy the long, sunny and warm days with a vigour those in Southern Europe can never understand as in just a few months we will be plunging back into the dungeon.

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