Sunday Stroll – The Lakes

So the sun is shining on us at last! One of my favourite places to walk are around the lakes on the edge of Frederiksberg and the city. It is a peaceful place to watch water birds especially the swans that nest along the shore. It is also massively popular with joggers and more serious runners but sunny weekend you can expect to join couples, families and buggys making the circuit.
There are three lakes in total but my favourite is Sankt Jørgens Sø, which has the Tycho Brahe Planetarium at one end. The next one, Peblinge Sø, is also lovely and has some lovely cafes dotted along it. 
In the winter if the temperatures have been low enough for long enough you can skate on Peblinge Sø. An elderly friend of mine here reminiscences about skating on this lake every winter when she was a child. 

This is a beautiful part of the city and perfect for a Sunday Stroll. Click here for more information about the history of the Lakes.

Pictures 1, 2 and 3 Peblinge Sø and picture 4 Sankt Jørgens Sø

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