Royal Copenhagen Tables 2019

It is a tradition for many in Copenhagen to visit the spectacular Christmas tables in the Royal Copenhagen flagship store in the centre of the city. Each year Royal Copenhagen invite a selection of people to create Christmas tables using the china from the collections but bringing something of themselves to the tables. I found last year’s a little disappointing but this year’s ones were certainly back on form.

The theme was the sea and as usual it was great to see that Royal Copenhagen chose people who could really bring something innovative and exciting to the table (sorry! couldn’t resist!) rather than simply being celebrities or well known people.

My favourite was the table by goldsmith and designer Rebecca Elbek. Her table really took on the theme of the sea and the more you looked at it the more you saw.

The next table was by Kenneth and Louise Toft-Hansen, the owners of Svinkløv Badehotel.

Next was by Martin Bigum, a visual artist and author. I’ll be honest, this was my least favourite this year visually although I’m sure the story behind it is very meaningful.

The table or scene by surfer Oliver Hartkopp was pretty quirky and I loved the story behind this one of a spontaneous Christmas celebration at the beach.

The second to last table is by Gun-Britt Zeller, an internationally renowned hairdresser and represented a cosy family Christmas.

Finally the table by Emilie Helmstedt, a designer who lives in Christiania. Her table was a comment on the amount of plastic waste in the sea as she is active in the Green Kayak tours, where people can collect plastic from the waterways around Copenhagen.

I hope you find time to visit the tables this year. I’d love to hear which one was your favourite!

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