Day Trip to Køge

I have been saying for years now that a visit to Køge is in order. It is only forty minutes on the S train from Copenhagen main station so really there is no excuse. A week or so ago it was a sunny Wednesday and I didn’t have any plans for the morning so whipped out my blå punkt card and hopped on the train to Køge.

Køge is a small medieval market town and it very much reminded me of a smaller version of Roskilde. Køge is a small port town but in the time I was there I only ventured into the town centre. There are a couple of interesting museums in the town. Køge Museum is a local history museum located in a 17th Century merchant’s house. The other one that caught my attention was KØS museum of art in public places. This is Denmark’s and one of the world’s only museums of art in public spaces.

Next to the excellent public library (and actually part of the library itself) is Denmark’s oldest half timbered house (picture below) and the town has one of the largest number of well preserved half timbered houses from the Renaissance period in Denmark.

Also on the centre of the town is the church of Sct. Nicolai with the oldest part of the church dating back to 1324. So there is plenty for history buffs here!

If you are interested in more modern architecture then Køge North Station, which has been hailed as a groundbreaking example of green mobility (read more here) I only heard about this station after my trip to Køge but I am definitely planning a trip there very soon.

By coincidence it was market day (Wednesday) and I was delighted to see how little plastic there was on the stalls. If I lived in Køge I would definitely shop for my fresh fruit and veg here, as well as meat and fish. There was an excellent selection of seasonal produce as well and the market was pleasingly busy.

In addition there was all the usual Danish high street shops you come to expect such as Vero Moda, Søstrene Grene, Flying Tiger, Bog go Ide etc.

If you are interested in exploring this lovely little medieval town as well as the countryside surrounding it, the local tourism website is a great place to start. I was only there for a few hours but it is certainly a lovely place to visit especially around Christmas.


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