Min Sundheds Platform {or my health platform} explained

For those of us living in the Copenhagen Capital area or on Sjæland (Zealand) there is a relatively new health platform, Min Sundheds Platform, which consolidates a lot of the information which is available on sundhed.dk into a very easy to use platform. It is, of course, in Danish but Google Chrome does a good job of translating it.

I thought I’d take a minute to walk you through the new platform as I think it is a great way to feel more in control of your healthcare here.

First you need to get onto the website at www.minsundhedsplatform.dk and sign in using your NemID (always) and follow through the privacy agreements etc (only the first time).

When you arrive on the first page on the website when you have logged in you will see any current messages which require attention at the top of the page.

But let’s go through the tabs along the top.

First is Meddelelser or announcements. In the drop down menu (above) you can click and see your inbox where message from health practitioners will appear and you can also see any messages you have sent. The next one down allows you to write to them directly but only those doctors etc that you are currently seeing or have recently seen.

Mine vedhæftninger allows you to see any attachments that have been sent to you without having to trawl though the messages. And finally there is a link to go to your eBoks.


Next comes Aftaler or appointments. This one is easy, the first choice is your future or past appointments at hospitals and some notes about them. For the future appointments you can see the times, locations etc. It looks as if you can also make new appointments with the doctors you are already seeing here too.

Then, and this is a very useful section, is sundhedsdata or health data. The Journalnotater section takes you back to the appointment section above so you can see your current notes. Prøvesvar or test results is where you can see all your current test results from tests taken at a hospital in the region. You can click on them and see the details and they are very easy for a non medical person to understand as they show the clear parameters around each test using green to indicate the health section and you can see where your results sit. You can also click on each result for more information.  I saw some of my recent results here before I had heard from my doctor. This has its positives but could concern you if the results appear to be very negative. Remember always to call the relevant practitioner to really understand what they mean before you panic! The results here are not a complete record of your results as it only shows them from the last year. For a more long term set of reports you still need to visit http://www.sundhed.dk

The following two options allow you to be able to communicate directly with your doctors at their request so there is a section if they need you to complete any questionnaires and also where you may have to input some measurements they require. As I don’t need to do these when I looked they were empty.

Next is Aktuelle diagnoser, which show all your current diagnoses for example I have an ongoing diagnosis for chronic pain and also an infection so I can see them here. There is also a space for you to add your own personal notes which can’t be seen by the doctors.

The allergy section is any specific allergies the doctors have identified and you can again make your own notes here.

Finally in this section is history. This notes specific things about your history for example mine notes that I vomit after a general anaesthetic, so they can give me something to prevent this. Then there is a family history section and finally an area where the doctors can note about your smoking, vaping and drinking habits, where relevant. Again there are sections for your personal notes.

Finally the profile section. The first choice allows you to updated your personal details ie contact details and also your emergency contact/ next of kin. There are reminders so you can change the setting of how you can be contacts and what information you want. Fuldmagter is a section where you can give an other person access to your data and you can also see the people’s data for whom you have permissions.

With a great element of transparency you can see, using the next choice (Hvem…) who has looked at your data. There is a list of medical practitioners or medical secretaries who have accessed your account as well as any of the proxies or even you. Lastly the Aktindsigt is a page of helpful links.

The final section along the top Få Hjælp is the FAQs etc.

Once you are familiar with the page you can use the quick links on the right hand side to access the more frequently used pages (see below).

If you want to look at the platform on a mobile device they are very upfront and tell you that it is not optimised for this and you need to get hold of the app MinSp which is available on both IOS and Android. Below is the main page of the app and once you are familiar with the desk top version this should be easy to navigate, however it is pretty basic and all in Danish with no way of translating it easily.

I hope this overview has been helpful.

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