Camping in and around Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen with a family can be expensive if you stay in a hotel. The next less expensive way to visit is to rent an Airbnb but surprisingly there are a number of campsites within easy reach of the city centre, which are perfect for saving money, staying close to the city but also have the benefit of being in a more open area with green spaces and beaches.

It is not allowed in Denmark to just camp anywhere (although this is not the case in all Scandinavian countries where wild camping is more permissible).

All the campsites I mention here have spaces for tents, caravans and motorhomes but all also offer cabins or static caravans to rent as well. If you want to camp further out of the city or in other parts of Denmark, the Camping DK website {Link} is a great way to search for the right place for you.

In general camping on the sites below with a tent will cost you under 400dkk (£46 or €53) per night for a family of four (without extras), they are all within easy public transport reach of the city centre as well, so certainly much more budget friendly than a hotel!

Nivå Camping {link} is located north of Copenhagen on a regional train route (20 minute walk to Nivå station and then 30 minutes into the main station)  but is also located in a forest area close to a lovely beach. There are plots for tents, caravans/motorhomes with electricity hook ups if needed. They also have a number of little cabins to rent as well. On site there is a tree climbing centre (for an extra cost) and it is a short train journey to Louisiana Museum.

Copenhagen Camping {link} is located outside Dragør south of the city.  Like the site above they offer spaces for tents, caravans/motorhomes as well as cabins. There is wifi on site as well as mini golf, playground facilities. It is easy to get to the seaside from here and the historic fishing town of Dragør. A bus and train will get you into the city centre in under an hour.

Bellahøj Camping {link} is north of the city in an urban area so you have access to supermarkets etc very easily. The 2A bus takes you straight into Copenhagen in less than 40 minutes. The campsite is also located close to a large open air swimming pool {link}. It is also close to forests and lakes, perfect for exploring the countryside as well as the city.

Ishøj Danhostel {link} is another campsite south of the city in a slightly urban setting but this time with a hostel option as well. It is close to the seaside, Arken Modern Art Museum and there is a station within walking distance which takes you into the city by S train in just over half and hour. There are plenty of shops and amenities within walking distance of the site.

Close by is another campsite called Tangloppen {link} and is located right on the coast.


I have created a Google map {link} where I have added all the campsites above and also some of the nearby amenities but if one of the sites interests you, you can look more closely at what is located nearby.


    • It is still a lot cheaper than a hotel for a family! Also ‘wild’ camping is not legal in Denmark plus you get showers, toilets and electricity on a site.

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