7 ways to be more sustainable and green this year

You may have read my previous posts {here and here} about sustainability and ways we can choose to be more ethical and green in our choices. In this post I am going to give you a quick round-up of various initiatives, retailers and producers in Denmark who have made recent moves to be more ethical by offering innovative solutions to tackle plastic waste and other issues.

First is an organisation called GoGreen Danmark {link}. Their website is packed full of great ideas and initiatives happening here in Denmark and each week their Instagram feed is taken over for a few days by another green business or organisation, enabling them to reach a wider audience. I especially like the guide {link} they have produced ( paper copy and on their website) highlighting ethic,a businesses in Denmark. You can read it here {link} and check out the rest of their content.

Next up is Føtex supermarkets who have made a commitment not to sell single use plastic plates, cups and cutlery for picnics and parties. They have replaced their old plastic range with biodegradable alternatives. This is a big step in the right direction, especially for a large supermarket but there is still some way to go for them to tackle plastic waste across their business. I think, particularly, of the single use plastic gloves and bags they have for pick and mix sweets. Two pieces of plastic which are used for seconds and minutes. Other sweet shops can use paper bags and plastic shovels so it is possible.

Still on the plastic waste around picnics and parties, Notre Dame {link} in the city centre also offers some very stylish alternatives to plastic for picnic cups and plates if you are having a party or an outdoor event. Their range is FSC certified. This is a great shop to put together your plastic free survival kit (see mine here) as they also stock metal and glass drinking straws, cloth bags and bamboo keep cups and lunch boxes, as well as glass storage jars ( they stock Weck, the royalty of glass storage jars in my opinion) and reusable dish clothes in all the colours of the rainbow.

If you are looking for some plastic free lunch and picnic boxes including insulated ones, I am really excited by Yummii Yummii {link}, a Danish brand producing a range made from metal. I spotted them in Illums but they also have an online shop.

El Giganten in Frederiksberg Centre ( and probably their other stores) will take back your used Nespresso capsules as well as used batteries and electrical goods for recycling.

As we are moving into the summer months and people are hitting the parks to enjoy a few take out beers, Carlsberg have recently launched a climate friendly snap pack whereby the cans are held together by a strip of glue rather than plastic rings or encased in plastic. You can certainly find these in 7-11 stores, a great location as it is a place where people frequently buy beers to enjoy outside.

Remember to bring your keep cup for coffees and iced drinks this summer. The majority of coffee houses will fill your cup for you and some, including the ubiquitous Espresso House, are introducing a financial incentive for this.


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