Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables 2018

I went along to see the Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables a few days after they opened. I think this year’s are the best for a long time. I love paper crafts and flowers so these were perfect for me! It was hard to pick a favourite – which one do you like best?

Each artist has created a decoration that you can buy in the shop so you can take a little bit of your favourite one home!

I was also delighted to see the delicate and beautiful creations from Leckerbaer featuring heavily in the displays.

Don’t forget to get your hands on my guide to Christmas and New Year in Denmark here!

Now onto the tables!

Effi Pingel, fleuriste

Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen, paper artist

Helene Blanche, textile designer

Leif Sigersen, florist and interior design

Rasmus Andersen, metalwork artist

Helene Schjerbeck and Simone Bendix, artist duo Edition Poshette.

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