A gift from me to you! Guide to Christmas in Copenhagen

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but celebrating it is a country which is not your own can pose some challenges as well as new and exciting traditions to discover. I was talking to a former client of mine recently and she suggested doing a post about how to celebrate Christmas in Copenhagen would be a good idea. Whilst my son was sick as few weeks ago with a tummy bug, I sat with him on the bed and wrote a mini guide to Christmas in Copenhagen. It was a little too long for a blog post so I made it into an ebook. It is  short guide which gives you information about where to get hold of Christmas food, what are traditional Danish treats, how to celebrate like a Dane and things to do to enjoy the season to its fullest.

I had been working on a two page printable with next year’s public holidays and celebrations on. Whether you save it on your computer or device or print out and stick on your fridge, you’ll never miss an important date next year. It features some key events celebrated in Denmark, with a little bit of information about each. You’ll no longer wonder why your child needs a costume for Fastelavn or even what it is. The mystery of why there are so many ducks and geese for sale in supermarkets in November will be solved. 

I am delighted to have some original artwork on the printable by a talented, Copenhagen based artist, Charlotte Rule. Find out more about her work at her website here.

I decided the combine to two as a little free Christmas gift for my readers, followers and anyone who would find it useful.To get hold of your free copy of both direct to your inbox simply click here to sign up for it.

I hope you like this little free gift and wishing you season’s greetings!

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