Easter creativity

I used to create these kind of photos for the blog a long time ago but after my accident and then my pain and medication cycle I lost some creativity.  In fact I lost all my desire to create anything like this. A few weeks ago I watch a series of videos about making Easter flat lays (you can check it out here) and I suddenly found that I was ready to do these again. And it was fun. A lot of fun.

I made a huge mess of all the things I wanted to include and dashed around looking in my boxes of vintage bits and bobs for items that would complement the Easter decoration I have.  Almost everything in these photos come from shops like Tiger, Søstrene Grene, the supermarket or Notre Dame. All super inexpensive and I get most out each year, adding a few extras. There are of course more expensive items from Royal Copenhagen, Georg Jensen and my favourite ceramicist, Helle Gram. And some things I have made.

Add in some fresh flowers (this year from my garden), some little chocolate eggs and sugared almonds the scene is set. I will be putting these decorations up later in the week to coincide with the end of term for my son. Whilst not a religious person I love to celebrate Easter as it marks the real end of winter and start of warmer days.

I hope these photos have made you smile and given a little inspiration for your own Easter decorations or table.

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