Helle Gram Ceramics

I am lucky enough to live just around the corner from Helle Gram’s beautiful shop and ceramic workshop and we usually stop each morning to look in her window at the delicately coloured ceramics.

Helle herself is a lovely friendly lady who is passionate about her work and is happy to chat when we have popped in the buy gifts. I certainly have my eye on many other things in her shop for myself and for friends’ birthdays.

Helle’s products are inspired by everyday life but also with the aim of being beautiful – something I think she most certainly achieves. I love her Nordic style and her beautiful designs.

She currently has a delicate selection of Easter decorations – I love the little bunnies with tails!

If you can’t get to her studio and shop in Frederiksberg she also sells her products in a number of other places including DesignerZoo (Copenhagen and Aarhus), a number of museum shops including LouisianaDanmarks Borgcenter and via the internet at  www.unika-k.dk.
Helle Gram Keramisk, Allegade 21, 2000 Frederiksberg.

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