The Hive Gathering

We are still in the throes of moving house and finally getting to live in our new place on Amager. There will be more about the practicalities of buying a place and the changes of moving from an apartment to a house and of course life on Amager to come in the next few weeks.However today I thought I’d share something I am involved in in May. The Hive Gathering is a conference for digital storytellers, tastemakers and bloggers which has been going since 2012. I have attended every conference and loved each one. When I was starting out in blogging it was amazing to connect with other bloggers and to take inspiration from others. I am still in contact and, in many cases, friends with women I have met at The Hive.

The speaker line up at these conferences has always been outstanding and this year’s Hive in Berlin is shaping up to be just as great. Sara Tasker, an Instagram guru and podcaster I personally admire will be one of the speakers this year. There are a number of other exciting speakers this year. I have a role as a chair or moderator (never sure of the actual title) of a panel discussion about what it means to be an online influencer.  How are we influenced? What are brands looking for? Are you an influencer if you won’t or just can’t engage with your followers?  And how can influence be used productively and not just to sell things? It should be a lively and interesting discussion, I’m sure.

If you are a blogger, instagramer, vlogger or involved in an online space for your business or personal brand, then this is the conference for you. The location in the centre of Berlin is an even draw as you will get a chance to explore this exciting city when not in the conference. Every time I leave the Hive I am buzzing (did you see what I did there?!) with new ideas and you can be too!

Check out the website for more information about speakers, program and much more. If you are planning on coming along do drop me a message and we can connect in person there.

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  1. We were in the last The Hive conference in Berlin but sadly our working schedules interfere with the next one and we won’t be able to attend 😦 Last time we had a fantastic time, learnt a lot and met wonderful people!

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