Materials for making a Danish advent display

Around this time of year a number of things start appearing in supermarkets than can raise a question mark if it is your first Christmas here. First up are bags of damp looking forest moss (skovmos) and small tubs of similar. Then there is oasis or floral foam (something that can be useful all year round but not usually very available so stock up now if it is something you like to use) and dekorations ler, which is essentially a thick heavy clay like substance.img_6740img_6685 These are all things you need to create your advent kranse (see below), a display with either a single candle counting down from 1 to 24 from the first of December or an arrangement of four candles, one lit each Sunday of advent until all four are lit. DSC01441The idea is generally to bring the outside in with the forest moss. The oasis obviously keeps it moist and you can also add bits of Christmas tree branches (which can also be bought in bundles) to your display. The ler or clay can be pushed into the base of your display to give a steady base for the candles and other things you don’t want to topple over.  All of these things are pretty cheap especially by Danish standards and mean that you can have a lovely original display to count down the time to Christmas day. (more on Christmas traditions here)DSC01450

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