Løs Market – packaging free food shopping

Back on April 1st The Local reported on the planned opening of Løs Market, a packaging free shop, and for some bizarre reason some readers thought this was an April Fool. When the joke is now on them as after a crowd funding campaign that exceeded its goal, Løs is now open for business on Saxagade in Vesterbro.


Løs Market is part of Settlementet, a community project in Vesterbro and (from their website)” is a new way of buying food here in Copenhagen : organic products, sold in bulk and without packaging. Food products are set up in specially designed silos from which you can get the exact amount you wish to buy. You can come with your own jars, containers, or use the pretty jars sold in the shop, or the compostable paper and material bags that are at disposal.”

I think this place is a great concept. How many times have you bought some flour for baking project and ended up throwing most of it away? Sadly I think we are all guilty of wasting food even with the best intentions and let’s not get started on all the packaging we recycle (hopefully) every week.


So what is available in Løs? Most of the stock in store at the moment is dry goods such as nuts and seeds, teas and spices, muesli. coffee, dried fruits, flour, pasta and rice. There are vats of oils and wines too. Plans are in place for refrigerated foods and local fruits and vegetable.img_5960

I bought a bag of mixed nuts (mixed by me with the ones I like and not the ones the producers think I like) and they were amazing. So fresh and tasted like nuts should taste, especially the hazelnuts.img_5965

Løs Market is an amazing concept but the word needs to get out there. With the constant fight against food waste and excess packaging this place is pioneering the way forward and you can be part of the charge!

Saxogade 77 – 1662 København V


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