Libraries in Copenhagen – more than just books

The library system here impressed me right from day one but it has vastly improved its offering over the last eight years. I thought today I would do a low down on how the system works and also the benefits.IMG_4666

Libraries are free to use once you have registered your CPR card and chose a pin number. You can then access all the books on the library system and order them to be delivered for collection at your local library. There is a relatively good selection of English books citywide. You can read newspapers and magazine in the library and back issues are available to borrow. There is also free internet access in libraries. I recall a story about a homeless man in Århus who wrote a whole book in his local library that was later published and helped him get off the streets.

In most libraries there is a children’s play area which varies in size but the one in Ørestad and the main library in the city centre are particularly good.

A relatively new innovation that many libraries now offer is out of hour access using your CPR card and your registered library pincode.

There are also other services offered through the libraries here.

Many have a Borgerservice desk in them – this is where an advisor from the Kommune will be located and offers various Kommune services. They can also offer advice on NemID and Digital Post. A good starting point for questions about municipal things.

There is also Lektie Cafe which is a time when volunteer organisations such as the Red Cross, youth organisations and Dansk Flygtninge Hjælp (Danish Refugee Help) are available to give advice.

There are also sessions to help with job searching and CV writing.

On the fun side of life, Copenhagen Libraries organise tons of events and workshops for both kids and adults. Most of these will be in Danish but there is the Culture Network that offers things for non Danish speakers. There are specific clubs run through the libraries for a multitude of interests again both for adults and children including International Snakkeklub for both Danes and non Danes. Finally if you have a baby and are at home there is the Barselcafe where they run first aid courses, baby music and health visitors come to some libraries at a set time to give advice.

You can find your local library here and for more information.




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