Lars Mikkelsen – my new friend?

You know that moment when you see a familiar face and you are about to say hello but then you realise it is actually a famous person? I had very few experiences like this before I moved to Copenhagen but in a city of just over 500,000 people the chances of seeing a famous person are a little higher than London.  There is also only a small number of very well-known actors and actresses here but unless you watch Danish TV or films you may miss some sightings. I would regularly see an actor from Game of Thrones as he picked up his child from my son’s kindergarten but as I never watch the show and I understand most characters don’t make a second season he was just a dad from school, although some mums were a little more starstruck.sofieI recently saw Sofie Gråbøl (best known as Sara Lund from The Killing) in my local greengrocers. And before you ask, no she wasn’t wearing her trademark jumper. Not one person batted an eyelid despite it being busy with after work shoppers. I, however, was inwardly pretty excited as she is someone I greatly admire.larsDanes are very private people so actors can lead a similarly private life and not be bugged by autograph hunters at every turn. However I do feel that the universe is telling me that I should be friends with the actor, Lars Mikkelsen (also from The Killing and more recently in Sherlock). We go to the same coffee shops, hang out in the same shopping streets and we both own an iPad. A match made in heaven I think! I have seen this man umpteen times as I go about my daily life and I don’t even live in his neighbourhood (in fact I live close to his brother, Mads, yet never see him).

One day I will say hello – perhaps he has noticed me too?!



  1. Last time, when I traveled to Hungary from Aalborg, I met some famous danish actors at the airport. For example: Ulrich Thomsen (I talked to him), Nicolas Bro and I don’t know the others. It was funny.

  2. It’s so funny. The first thing I thiught about when reading your headline before opening the blogpost, I remembered I once said hello to an actor because I thought I knew him, I just could not place, where it was we had met before.
    After a while it got real for me, that the place we met was in my couch. I felt so embarressed afterwards. He just said “Hello” and walked on, perhaps being used to strangers greeting him….

  3. What a fantastic opportunity. I only can dream of seeing them when in September I visit Copenhagen for the first time. My greatest dream, yeah. Lucky you ❤

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