Dejlige Days Welcome and Ebook

This week I launched the website for my settling-in and pre relocation service called Dejlige Days Welcome. You can read more about what is on offer on the website but here is a little summary.

Dejlige Days Welcome is a settling-in service aimed at English speaking expat couples, accompanying spouses and families.
It bridges the gap between the first stages of relocation and the real settling-in period and is personal and unique, offering much more than a traditional relocation service.
I have relocated three times and have a wealth of experience and information to share. I have experienced both the good and the bad sides of relocation and really want to help you.

ddw front pageThere are a number of packages available from pre relocation and personal written guides to practical help once you have moved. If you are just planning to visit the city for a holiday or city break, I have that covered too with tailored travel guides.

dd ebook

The other big thing on the site is my forthcoming ebook ‘Dejlige Days – A Guide to Relocation’. This is not specific to relocating to Copenhagen but anywhere in the world and I share valuable lessons I have learnt from three very different relocation experiences and also advice from other expats. It is both personal and practical. If you sign up before 18th December you can get three free chapters of the book before it is published in the new year.

Please take a few moments to visit the new website, get in touch if you are interested in any of the packages and please share with friends who may be interested.

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