Hansens Mejeri

As a child I loved full fat Jersey milk and I have happy memories of buying fresh milk from local farms, still warm. Hansens, the well-known and traditional  ice cream company here in Denmark has opened a dairy shop close to the centre on the city where they take regular delivery of farm fresh Jersey milk, which you can take home in old style glass milk bottles.DSC00858

The tiny shop also sells Hansens ice cream and yoghurt made from the fresh milk and the milkshakes are probably the best I have tasted in a long time – but not very good for the waist line!DSC00859

If you follow them Facebook you can keep abreast of new milk deliveries in the store (usually a Wednesday). They are also on Instagram and post some mouth-watering images.DSC00860 DSC00861Address: Store Kongensgade 93, 1264 København K


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