Views from the tower at Christiansborg

Ever since the tower at Christiansborg (or Borgen) has been open to the public, its been on my list of places to visit. I tried a few months ago but the lift was broken and I didn’t fancy the stairs. I think it is great that it is free to go up and the queues for the security check are not too long. You take the first lift to the restaurant level, a short one floor lift and then a short and wide spiral staircase to the top so very easy to access with kids.IMG_0545Last week my mum was visiting and we decided to brave the weather (what is up with these cold ‘Spring’ temperatures?) and  check out the views from the top.

It was fascinating seeing the city from another direction as I usually go up the Round Tower. The views were spectacular, we spotted the Turning Torso in Sweden very easily, and on an even clearer day you would be able to see far beyond Malmö into Sweden. I will definitely be going up again once the weather is clearer.DSCN3953IMG_0500 IMG_0501 IMG_0502

DSC00806We then finished the afternoon off at the Royal Stables, which are also well worth a visit. IMG_0533The whole area around Christiansborg, known as Slotsholmen, is fascinating with a number of museums including Thorvaldsens Museum and many others.



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