Setting an example

They say that children emulate their parents and copy what they do. To be a great role model and example to your child is an aim that many parents have. I too have that goal. Yesterday my five year old son asked to go on a photo walk with me around Vesterbro to ‘take photos of interesting buildings and shops. And to speak to interesting people’ in his own words. To him that is what I do…which is probably very close to the mark. DSCN3766When he was very young he was given a toddler camera to play with and for his fourth birthday he asked for a proper camera. We bought him a basic digital camera and his photography has developed to an extent that I would be very happy to pass some of his photos off as my own. He has an eye for a great photo, a detail to capture and he loves the experience. Yesterday he happily showed his photos to a variety of people in shops and you could see them prepare to be kind and then change to be genuinely impressed with some of the shots he had captured. He has a private Instagram account that I manage for him but I also regram photos I think are exceptionally good on my own feed (of course with credit to him).

So today I very proudly present to you some of his best work from our photo walk (I have not edited any of these photos). I hope you enjoy it – I am immensely proud of him and hope he continues with this passion as years go by.DSCN3694 DSCN3696 DSCN3705 DSCN3724 DSCN3732 DSCN3742 DSCN3789


  1. This is so great! I saw his pics on Instagram last night. Love it! Oskar really loves his camera too (he’s on Flickr rather than Instagram), though we haven’t done a photo walk yet. Maybe we should try it.

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