Friday Fun – celebrity lookalikes

Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying the break and some well-earned rest. Today I thought I would have a little bit of tongue in cheek fun. Celebrity Lookalikes. Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity and been either flattered or insulted – or just plain confused? I am regularly told that I look like Michelle Williams (bottom right). I thought this was a thing of the past until another Brit here told me this after watching Take this Waltz. I am flattered and can perhaps see a fleeting likeness in our smiles but I think that is where the likeness ends.

As a student I modelled my style somewhat on Winona Ryder in Reality Bites (top left) and Louise Wener (top right) from the Britpop band, Sleeper. I was again flattered to be told by one of her band mates that there was a likeness or perhaps a case of beer goggles on his part.lookilikiesFinally my boyfriend from school always said I looked like Beth from Neighbours – sadly he didn’t say this when Natalie Imbruglia actually looked fairly cool (as above).

How about you? Any celebrity comparisons you’d like to share?


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