This Weekend

What a glorious week it’s been – clear blue skies every day. My physio is pleased with the progress I am making and the good weather makes my daily walks very enjoyable. I recently rejoined Twitter and I am actually enjoying it now and think I finally get it..if you would like to follow me there I have added a button to the right.

Enjoy the weekend – hopefully the sun will shine on you!thisweekendIt’s a few weeks until Easter but it’s always good to start crafting early – I love these emoji eggs and this arty one.

Great tips for exploring museums with children.

40 facts blog posts are going around at the moment, this is a very honest one.

How to learn to love yourself here

Like the idea of this decadent cake for St Patrick’s Day.

Little intro to real Swedish food here.

Read about the future of Tempelhof Airport here

A long post here but worth the read and support.

Benefits of herbal teas.

Some weekend inspiration here

I love all these printables and not just for kids.

Happy weekend!

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