Orange spelt cake and Scandinavian Baking

A few weeks ago I went to a book signing and talk by Trine Hahnemann at Books & Company in Hellerup. It was her one and only book signing in Denmark despite having had a wider international book tour since the launch of the book. I am a big fan of Trine and before this evening our only contact had been via email. I loved listening to her speak.She gave a wonderful introduction to the history of baking in Denmark (which you can read about in her book). I loved to hear about her inspirational grandmother and her growing up years on a commune and how these things had impacted on her love of baking and its importance in everyday life. She also spoke a little about her experience on the Great British Bake Off this summer, how much fun Sue Perkins is but the thing that struck me was how humble she was about her appearance and how amazed that her Twitter account went crazy after it was aired. More people watched her in that episode that actually live in Denmark! As she joked, if only 10% of those viewers buy her book she will be a happy lady!cake collageBut what about the book? Firstly it is in English (and currently there is no Danish version) so very accessible. The photography is very Danish and evokes a real feeling of hygge. You feel warm and cosy just reading the recipes and looking at the pictures. All the recipes appear to be fairly straighforward, don’t be put off by the use of yeast in a lot of the recipes and also more unusual flours. I chose to make the Orange spelt cake. There seemed to be a lot  of stages to the recipe, which, before I advanced my baking skills a little, might have put me off unnecessarily. I did get all my ingredients weighed out etc to be more organised but the cake took around 25 minutes to put together from start to putting in the oven, which I don’t think is too bad for an impressive cake like this.CIMG7781

With the orange syrup poured over the hot cake and quickly absorbed, this cake was deliciously gooey and had a lovely orange flavour without being overpowering.

I am looking forward to baking it again and delving back into the book for more cosy cakes to help the winter seem less gloomy. If you would like to get hold of a copy you can visit Amazon*.cake and citrus*I am part of the Amazon Associate scheme.



  1. That cake looks amazing. I saw Trine on Saturday Kitchen a few weeks ago, and really enjoyed listening to her, I wish she had her own show. That book is definitely on my Christmas list!

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