Arne Jacobsen’s Bellevue

In the 1930s the young Arne Jacobsen won a competition to develop the area around Bellevue Beach and he did so with aplomb, with the first examples of Danish modernism. He designed everything at the beach, right down to the bathing cabins and staff uniforms. The most famous landmark from this was the Bellevue life guard towers. I love looking at these simple yet beautiful towers regardless of the weather. I love these art prints of the towers.CIMG7645


CIMG7637He was also responsible for the Bellevue Theatre and also the Skovshoved petrol station further down the coast road from Bellevue towards the city. When I first moved to Copenhagen I didn’t really appreciate Jacobsen’s work but as time as gone by I really love the clean and simple lines of his architecture epitomised by the buildings at Bellevue. This part of the coast road is definitely worth a visit to see and understand the impact Jacobsen had on Danish design that we still see and appreciate today.CIMG7672garage

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